Turning haystacks into gold — and shoppers into buyers

What some of our customers call “The Magic” is actually quite real.

Linguastat’s patented technology — a potent combination of sophisticated algorithms, Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language technology originally developed for the U.S. military — automatically turns product and target consumer data into optimized data feeds for digital marketing programs and then into original, high SEO-ranking product landing pages, buying guides and head-to-head comparisons.

Our fully managed services, called Marquee, are scalable to literally millions of products — including long-tail — and can generate optimized landing pages of the highest quality at lightening speed.

The entire process is automatically managed for the retailer, including real-time, automatic updates to landing pages as inventory grows and consumer shopping habits change.

Patented technology produces high SEO-ranking landing pages.
Patented technology produces high SEO-ranking landing pages.
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