Marquee for Dynamic Content Creation

Partnering with Linguastat, retailers and brands are able to dramatically improve sales lift and reduce shopping cart abandonment.

Linguastat’s patented, algorithm-based suite of services include managing and monetizing the most critical information that consumers will see before buying — your product descriptions.

We call this rich content: dynamic product descriptions.

Leveraging and building on product data feeds, Linguastat’s technology automatically and continually writes and optimizes the highest quality product descriptions — at fraction of the cost of manually written product descriptions.

The next logical step after Google Shopping / Product Listing Ads and Amazon Advertising

The last interaction before a consumer makes a purchase, product descriptions created by Marquee, accelerate the impact of Google Shopping/PLA, Amazon Advertising, comparative shopping and other product listing advertising programs.

Too often, consumers click on marketing and SEO links to discover landing pages with poorly written product descriptions or none at all — at the very time they’re ready to make a purchase.

With Linguastat managing their product landing pages, retailers and brands ensure that product listing advertising delivers buyers, not abandoned shopping carts.

Personalized product descriptions

Linguastat’s Marquee, based on patented technology, combines style guidelines, target market specifics and product data to create personalized product descriptions that give different consumer segments the right information in the right context, at the right time.

Accelerate the impact of your product listing ads.
Product prescriptions targeted to the whiz kid, the businessman, and the fashionista.
Personalized descriptions of the same product, that speak to different consumers.
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