Transforming data into powerful product descriptions — and more

Linguastat’s Marquee manages the entire data optimization and dynamic description creation lifecycle for Omni-channel. This process includes:

The L-Score: The first step is a scoring and review of your current product data feeds for digital marketing programs and your descriptions of sub-category and sub-sub category products. The results serve as a baseline for managing Omni-channel product descriptions going forward. A low initial L-Score indicates lost sales, low conversion rates and shopping cart abandonment.

Data Specification: Next, Linguastat enhances and optimizes product data feeds you’re already providing your distribution channels; then leverages and builds on that feed.

Dynamic Product Description Creation: Linguastat automatically transforms your data feed into benefits-focused narratives that increase your L-Score, perform well with SEO requirements and entice customers to buy, taking into account brand voice, style guidelines, and target market specifics.

Omni-Channel Formatting: Linguastat creates multiple versions of these product descriptions formatted for mobile, web, kiosk, tablet and product listings ads.

Tracking and Reporting: After tracking is enabled to measure key performance indicators (KPIs), Linguastat tunes and optimizes product descriptions across your entire site to increase traffic, maximize sales conversion, minimize shopping cart abandonment, and grow revenue.

Automatic Management and Updating: Your product data feeds and descriptions are dynamically managed and updated automatically as your inventory grows and consumer online shopping habits change — ensuring the highest possible return on your investment.

Why Linguastat is a breakthrough solution

Value Proposition Marquee™ Manually Created
How is product information created? Patented algorithm-based Manually, by numerous people
How much time is required to create product descriptions? Days Can be weeks or longer depending on vendor constraints
Can content be used for mobile, tablet and web? Mobile/tablet product descriptions included No
Is product information optimized for SEO and sales? Yes No
Can retailer have product information modified? Unlimited new product descriptions via interface No
Reporting Reports on sales, conversion rates and more — by product None
Pricing Far less than for manually created $10 - $100 per SKU, typically
Quality Consistent high quality controlled by algorithms, optimized for SEO Inconsistent: Often poor quality and not optimized
Linguastat's suite of services manage every aspect of the omni-channel.
The L-Score is the first step in converting more shoppers into buyers.
Your campaign is dynamically managed and automatically updated.
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