We the employees of Linguastat Inc. make the following unconditional promises to each other, our customers, our partners, our suppliers and our shareholders:

Our singular focus is on solving problems.
We know our customer success is the gateway to our own. We set expectations clearly and accurately, and then strive to exceed them. Our products will open new and unexpected doors for our users.

We act in a manner to inspire trust.
We are careful in making and diligent in honoring our commitments. Meeting our commitments to our customers and to each other is our daily obligation.

We value communication as the key to superb execution.
We communicate openly and directly. We share information and knowledge broadly and frequently. We speak up and do not remain silent. We are honest with each other and tell the truth in its entirety. We collaborate to find the best solution.

We value speed and agility as a basis for our sustaining advantage.
We aim to win. We are agile and act with urgency. We intelligently take sound risks and big challenges. We never punish sound risk that fails. We prefer actions to words, decisions to analysis, delegation to meddling, and substance to form.

We treat people with respect and dignity at all times.
We encourage leadership at all levels in the company. We provide individual opportunity and development. We believe in the superior wisdom of the connected team.

We celebrate our successes.
We recognize contribution openly. We celebrate our wins both large and small. We track our progress continuously to build momentum and encourage achievement.

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