Filling more shopping carts — with automatically managed product landing pages 

Linguastat is the only company to automate the creation and management of product descriptions.

Until now, retailers and brands have been forced to use crowd-sourcing and internal copywriters or rely on manufacturer specs for landing page text.

It typically takes months and millions of dollars to manually produce the volume of descriptions needed for click-to-buy pages. Updating product descriptions to account for ever-changing inventory and consumer shopping habits has been almost impossible to accomplish in a timely and cost-effective manner.

The result is thousands of outdated product descriptions, or landing pages with only images and specs that have little or no impact on SEO and sales.

But now retailers and brands can partner with Linguastat to create unique, optimized and automatically updateable product descriptions for millions of SKUs in days, and for a small fraction of the cost of manually written descriptions.

Dynamic Product Descriptions:

More rich content, automatically written and optimized

In addition to managing your dynamic product descriptions, Linguastat can automatically write and manage optimized product comparisons, buying guides and other rich content linked to Google Shopping, Amazon Advertising and other product listing advertising, as well as to your website eCommerce efforts.

Automate product landing page to fill more shopping carts.
Consumers are 25% more likely to make an online purchase when rich product content is present... —Forrester Research.
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